Coming Soon:  Preserving Now’s Learning Kitchen in Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Preserving the Lost Arts In the Kitchen & In the Home

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We’ll offer classes in the art & science of preserving and much more to our community.

It’s a Movement of Rediscovery!

We are looking to IndieGoGo to launch The Learning Kitchen here in Atlanta. We’ll offer classes, supplies, pop-ups, demos and preservation events. Our offerings will embrace a wide range including canning, fermenting,  traditional baking, dehydrating,  making infusions & shrubs, cooking ethnic & heritage foods, soap & candle making and more!

Won’t you help me bring together the generations to learn and share these wonderful traditions? We hope our video to the right will inspire you!

$7,500 Fundraising Goal

Background of The Learning Kitchen

For more than forty years, I’ve been a home canner around the hours allocated from my corporate career and independent businesses.

In 2010, I retired and spent the summer canning.  When friends asked me to teach them how, I soon realized no longer were there classes offered in these “lost arts”. I undertook classwork in food preservation and food science at UGA & Cornell University and began offering classes at various sites around Atlanta, North Georgia, and Nashville.

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During the past six years, I have always had an eye out for a place that Preserving Now could call home.  Now the perfect opportunity  has come my way.  A space recently opened up in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market that will soon house The Learning Kitchen.

This nearly 100-year-old Atlanta market has been evolving over the past years and has stayed true to its roots. There is now a diverse mix of small independent food stalls along with vegetable and meat markets. You will see oldtimers shopping for pigs feet and collard greens along with hipsters and back-to-the-earth young folks buying kale, herbs and GrindHouse burgers. This is the perfect place to bring together both groups to share and learn to preserve our bounty from the garden and local farmers.

The business will support itself once the buildout in the space is completed. But this includes expensive plumbing lines, stoves and work spaces. Then we’ll begin to add to our schedule of classes and bring in a wide array of instructors and crafts. And we’ll offer the space for others to do pop-ups, demos and other related events.

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