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As they say, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

But make sure you read all the way to the end for a special SNEAK PEEK!

So first, the good news is that we have two new associates.  I’m so exited to have these talented committed individuals on board offering new insights into the mission of the Kitchen and helping to carry it out.

Liz Baudler who is writing our Simple Living/Simple Green blogs is now handling our  Instructors/Classes/Events/Postings – as “Program Manager” until we can come up with a more fitting title.  You’ve seen her work on past blogs but now check out our latest classes and new instructors that she has just posted – creativity through and through!

And also joining us is Donna Castenell.  Donna is taking on the role of “Kitchen Manager”, which means you’ll see her at many of the classes in the future.  She manage the supplies, ordering, and the support of the Instructors when in the Kitchen.  Some of you may know her from our Mardi Gras dinner – which she hosted.  A New Orleans native (and true original!), Donna is the creative force behind Creole Josephine, her catering company.


So to the bad news.  My husband, Tom, had a traumatic bicycle accident four weeks ago.  There is actually good news here too:  it could have been so much worse, and he is expected to make a full recovery.  But, consequently, his classes – the Bread & Butter class and the German-style Pretzel & Mustard class – are on hold until he is able to throw some dough around! It also is why we we have been a bit slow and low on classes these last few weeks.

But let’s not linger here … more good news ahead!


Which leads us to introducing an exciting new chef/instructor:  Sarah Dodge will be leading our first Sourdough Bread Class.  Many of you know Sarah from her many events around Atlanta and her aptly named company, Bread is Good!  If you’ve ever thought about learning how to work with Sourdough, this is the Instructor to learn from.  The class is Sunday July 8 and more details can be found here:  Sourdough 101.


And this talented chef is not just a one-trick pony. She is also teaching our Summer Fruit Pies and Rustic Tarts class – gathering up strawberries, blueberries, peaches, you name it!  Saturday June 30.  Details here:  Summer Fruit Pies & Rustic Tarts.   And watch for more talents from Sarah in the coming months!



The VTTC event – Vegan Taste Testers’ Club –  has been selling out each month, thanks to Brittany Love’s  (of Free Birds Vegan Bakery) inspired menus!   Her third visit is nearly full again, so jump in if you want to taste her creative offerings – this time bringing Tex-Mex to the Kitchen.  How appropriate for summer, especially while imbibing Margaritas.  Saturday, June 23:  Details here:  Vegan Taste Testers’ Club.


Megan Gilroy returns with her newest menu for Chat & Chop  – a combination of a meal prep – a cooking class – and a social atmosphere.  Megan in the Kitchen is truly a joy!  Lots of fun and lots of creative inspiration for these healthy, appetizing \meals (all are anti-inflammatory, as well as gluten, grain and dairy free).  She has expanded the offerings to two (instead of one) servings of each of the three entrees – which means you’ll have plenty for you and your partner, to share with a friend, or to save for lunch the next day. Sunday, July 15:  Menu & Details here:  Chat & Chop

If you haven’t met Terran Lewis of Herbs ‘n Eden in our monthly Soap Making Workshop, you’ve missed a treat!  She is vibrant, knowledgeable – and enthusiastic about teaching you the complete basics of soap making.  Terran brings an array of essential oils and fragrances along with optional additives like oatmeal, lavender, calendula and so many others.  Go home with two pounds (yes!) of your just made gorgeous, fragrant, natural soap to cut into bars or even smaller guest soaps!  Saturday, June 30:  Details here:   https://preservingnow.com/events/chat-chop-july/


Every month we offer our basic Canning 101-Immersion Workshop!  Tis the season to capture all the bounty of the best food season of the year!

Learn how to safely preserve pickles, fruits and all-things-tomato.  Everything provided and take home jars of your just-canned goodies! Saturday, July 7:     Canning 101 – Immersion Workshop



And if you’ve read all the way down to this:  Here’s a special Sneak Peak for you –  We will be hosting Domenica Marchetti of Preserving Italy in our Kitchen for a tasting party and book signing in mid-July.  One of my all-time favorite cookbooks! And Domenica will captivate you with stories of Italy, Italian foods and – yes, all things about Italian preserving.  Reserve this date:  July 18.  Announcement and how to register coming very soon!  See DomenicaCooks for more inside info!

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