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April 29th:  We are starting a new series:  What’s in Your Pantry?  There are so many wonderful products you can make (EASILY!) at home, have in your pantry, and avoid all the additives.  These add the tastes to your simple fare that sends them over the moon!

First up, we include Mustards, Ketchups (including a Kicky Ketchup), Mayonnaise (with and without eggs).  And a special: Vinaigrette made from Pickled Cherry Tomatoes.  You’ll learn how to make the Pickled Tomatoes which can be useful in all sorts of ways.  Then make into a tasty vinaigrette for greens and other uses.

Every month, we’ll add another batch of “Pantry” items such as Seasoned & Herbal Salts, Preserved Lemons & Limes, Horseradish Sauce and making Jezebel sauce, Flavored and Infused Vinegars, Fruit Syrups ….  well, the list of endless!

More here, and how to register:  https://preservingnow.com/events/whats-in-your-pantry-condiments/


April 23rd:  Our popular Bread & Butter Workshop.  This class will probably go on hiatus during the Summer months, so register now if you don’t want to wait til Fall:   https://preservingnow.com/events/bread-butter-workshop/.  

Never made bread or failed at it?  This is an easy way but so special – a true French Baguette (you can also use the same recipe to make loaves, boules, even foccacia).  And we’ll even make some sweet Homemade Butter to slather on that hot loaf you just pulled out of the oven!


April 22:  Our monthly Canning 101 – Immersion Workshops continue – and Just in Time for the best of the seasons coming up!  Spring & Summer with their berries and tomatoes and vidalia onions and peaches  …….. yummy things to capture in a jar and have in your pantry come Winter.  A comprehensive class that teaches basic Tomato, Fruit and Pickling Recipes.  Get Ready!  More Info & Register here:  https://preservingnow.com/events/canning-101-immersion-workshop/

All classes are “hands-0n”, take your creations home,  and so much fun!  See you soon?

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