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Sunday, October 7:  2 to 5 pm

Register here:  Oktoberfest Feast

Join Chef/Instructor Jenn Robbins of Good Foods Kitchen for an afternoon making and feasting on a German-inspired menu.  You’ll learn how to and make up your own savory strudels.  You’ll also get a lesson in fermentation AND start your own jar of sauerkraut to take home!

Then we’ll sit down to a meal of strudels, veggie-loaded market salad, beer-cheese soup (made with wonderfully melty GA cheddar curds), and roasted veggies in a bacon-mustard vinaigrette.  And all served with a variety of delicious beers (of course)!

Savory strudels – pick one to make, but fret not, we’ll have plenty for everyone to taste all varieties!
–          Pork ‘n Kraut
–          Potato, kale, & horseradish
–          Smoked chicken & duck with cabbage
Veggie-Loaded Garden Salad, Creamy Black Pepper Dressing
Georgia Beer & Cheese Soup
Roasted Autumn Veggies, Bacon-Mustard Vinaigrette
A Surprise Chocolate Sweet Treat
Variety of Beers

Many of you have told me over the last several days that Fall is your favorite time of year.  No Wonder!  Cooler days and nights ahead for being outdoors, enjoying fire pits again,  cooking comfort foods, and – oh yes,  turning the oven on again for more baking and roasting!  We’ve got a few class ideas that fit right into your Fall enjoyment!

DATE CHANGE!  Thursday, September 13 at 6:00 pm.  Tis the season for baking something wonderful!  Chef Sarah Dodge launches the Fall with Autumn Pies &  Rustic Tarts.  We’ll be baking with local and seasonal fruits such as apples or pears, perhaps pumpkins  – whatever Georgia will provide us at the time!  During the class we will make a pie, a fruit galette, and pie dough for you to take home along with complete recipes and instructions. And BYOB to enjoy with your creations!  Register here:  Autumn Pies & Rustic Tarts



Because you can never have too many jars of luscious tomatoes in your pantry, join our Canning 101 Workshop and learn how to preserve for year-round goodness!  And don’t stop there:  We also learn how to and make up Apple Butter.  And then Bread and Butter Pickles too.  So you’ll be off and learning to make all manner of pickles and preserved fruits and tomato recipes – pickled okra, pickled dilly carrots, relishes, chutneys , jams, hot sauces, marinara  – you name it, you can “put it up” for the best entrees, lunches, snacks, and appetizers ! And even get a head-start on your Holiday Gifting!  You’ll take home jars of your just preserved tomatoes, fruit and pickles plus a notebook full of instructions and the recipes.  Canning 101 – Immersion Workshop.  Saturday, September 15 at 10:00 am.

What’s a Tea Party without Scones & Jam?  Seems like a perfect combination to us!  The Learning Kitchen is  partnering with your favorite tea shop, just add honey, here in the Municipal Market to bring to you a scones and jam class while sipping a spot of tea {pinkies optional}  You learn how and make up a batch of rich Crème Scones and a Seasonal Fruit Jam   You’ll get to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor and take home whatever you don’t finish.  While you’re enjoying delicious scones and jam, Brandi will be sharing some tea and insider information about teas, along with some tips on how to  plan your own Tea Party.   September 16 at 1:00 pm:   Tea + Scones + Jam


Our Summer canning finale finds us preserving those plentiful peppers and more in our Peppers & Pickles workshop.  Learn how and safely can up Pepper Jelly  and Pickled Peppers – how to warm your tummy all winter long.  And then can up a variety of veggies in Giardinieria (that special pickle-y spread on Italian Beef & Muffaletta sandwiches).   Take home the jars you just made along with full recipes and instructions.  Saturday, September 22 at 10:00 am.  Register here:  Peppers & Pickles 


Oh My Gourd! Make & Take explores a variety of ways to cook Gourds:  aka Winter Squash.  This is a hands-on class that will have you preparing 4 entrees to make and take home for delicious anti-inflammatory dishes .  Chef Megan Gilroy will have you prepping, cutting, chopping, mixing, stirring, baking all these wonderful ingredients to make some amazing future meals!  Each participant will take home recipes as well as one full serving of each dish!  This event is BYOB.  Sunday Afternoon, September 23 at 1:00 pm.   Register here:  Oh My Gourd!

A hint of Oktoberfest?  Sure thing, making German-style soft pretzels!  It’s our Pretzels & Mustards (and Beer, of course) Workshop!  Learn how to make those crusty-on-the-outside and soft-and-flavorful-on-the-inside German-Style Pretzels along with authentic Dijon Mustard.  Then enjoy tasting your creations with a variety of mustards and beer, of course!  And extra pretzels to take home too. Sunday afternoon, September 30 at 1:00 pm.   Pretzels S& Mustards & Beer – On My!    

Flash:  New date added:  Thursday, Sept 27:  6 pm to 8 pm – Register Here:  Pretzels & Mustards & Beer.

Pressure Canning Workshop.  Last one until next year.  Ever wanted to learn but were afraid to try?  Pressure Canners are a lot safer now and  quite easier to use that your Grannies!  Pressure Canning is necessary in order to safely can vegetables  (that are not pickled/acidified)  such as garden-fresh corn, beans, peppers — and meats. It can also be used to can reconstituted dried beans and combo veggie/fruit items such as salsas that continue a high degree of vegetables.  And,  yes, you can safely can meats at home.  We will be doing Chicken Stock and also a seasonal Vegetable or Fresh Salsa.  And a recipe for Veggie Stock.  Saturday, September 39, 10 am to 2 pm.  Register here:  Pressure Canning Workshop.


Preview of October:  A Soup & Salad Workshop from Living Foods Chef Mercedes Melendez.  Expect Raw & Unprocessed!  Register here:  Soup + Salad:  A Plant-Based Hands-On Workshop

And A Cheesecake Class from Mercedes that’ll feature Halloween decorating!  Register here:  Raw Cheesecake Workshop:  Halloween Edition

Watch for a return of the popular Biscuit & Jam Class from Chef Sarah Dodge and our Bread & Butter Workshop with Instructor Tom Deardorff teaching French Baguettes.

Enjoy Yourself!

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