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To organize means to arrange systematically…creating order = creating peace of mind!

From my last post “Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity,” comes organizing!  Who doesn’t love being able to find everything?  When you declutter, you take everything out of a space, right?  So, by putting it back in a   manner that creates order, makes sense.

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by organizing, then remember the last time it took you FOREVER to find x,y,z.  You may find that you’ll need to go out and purchase something, ie; wall hanging hooks, drawer dividers, etc. but remember it doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  It’s most likely going to be hidden away somewhere!  A lot of times, I save and use shoe-boxes, empty Kleenex boxes, cardboard boxes from online orders, or glass jars from when we bought nut butter.

I’ll be honest, organizing is a constant work in progress for my husband and I.  We try to tackle one area at a time, but sometimes the process can take a couple of months as we try one scenario and if it doesn’t work after a month, we’ll try something else.  It is definitely a process of trial and error.  Sometimes this drives us a little crazy, but when we nail something down, it is amazing how it just works!

Here is an example of our bathroom cabinet.  We tackled the cabinet shown and the other side of the credenza in less than 2 hours (this included time to get the shelves.)  For the most part we used storage items we had around the condo; on the top shelf you’ll see a shoe box base and lid holding some items, a thrift store vase for cotton balls, a thrift store bowl for hair clips, and a re-purposed  glass jar for q-tips = FUNCTIONAL!  The only item we bought to organize this cabinet? The under $15 white metal mesh drawers.  Perfect little weekend side project that didn’t overwhelm us and still let us enjoy our weekend.


Here at The Learning Kitchen, our event area is a testament to great organization.  As you see in the image below, re-purposed mason jars are used for all sorts of things such as holding spices.  (What else can you do with mason / glass jars and why are they so great?  Stay tuned for another SL post!)  So, when we hold classes and have guest instructors come in, we have to be able to easily tell them where items are.  Organization is essential to making a class flow well and maintaining low stress.  The same goes for your house because your home should be where you are most relaxed.

Are you ready for the challenge?  Well, get going, get creative, and get organized!

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