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There’s a saying that goes something like this, “the couple that plays together, stays together.”

Well my friends, the same goes for mindful nutrition.  If you don’t plan, if you don’t prep, if you don’t continuously work on it, then it’s all going to fall apart and you’re going to find yourself going through the Fast Food drive-thru or the snack vending machine.  I don’t know about you, but when I let myself get past hungry or have grabbed whatever was closest to me to eat because I got stuck without food, I felt terrible.  Not only the mental guilt, but the physical…feeling sluggish, tired, and you name it.

ENTER the meal prep and making food a PRIORITY in your life.  How does this tie into simple living?  It makes your life so much simpler and stress free!

If you’re wondering why does this matter to me…well, if you have kids, do you go anywhere without something to eat for them? Why not?  Well, probably because you don’t want them to get cranky and mean.  Guess what… you and me, get the same way!  So why not always pack snacks for yourself or pack a lunch? That way, wherever you are, you are never without something nutritious to feed yourself and your family too.  Having trouble getting them on-board?

Here’s my tip: I recently listed to a talk put on by @atlanta_cm given by @okcello (Okorie Johnson) and he said “If you do it for yourself first and believe it yourself, you have a better chance of moving others.”  THANK YOU!  I always say if you don’t make yourself a priority then do you think you’ll still be around for your child’s graduation, wedding, grandkids, growing old with your person, etc?

Okay, OFF of my high horse now….here’s how to meal prep so it doesn’t consume you. Try a couple easy recipes or snack options that you can pre-pack for the week, the night before, or the morning of.

My husband and I always have nuts, dried fruit, granola, fresh fruit, and granola bars ready to pack up and take with us. (hiking, to work, a day running errands, traveling, etc)  They are an easy snack turn meal if need be.

Then, we always make at least one meal on the weekend to either heat up for dinner or take for lunch…think casserole, soups, quinoa salad, quiche, etc  (PS no excuses for those single folks, you can make smaller versions, have a friend over and split a recipe, or freeze!!)

Lastly, we’ll always have a couple items on hand that we can use to make something quick like items for a salad, smoothie, or veggies to quickly sauté with a fried egg…hello meal in 15 minutes.

Why does this work for us? We plan, we look at our week ahead and make a list to take to the market.  We are both in the kitchen helping ( great way to practice communication & be together 😊 ) and we’re done in a couple hours!

Last tip: you can still be mindful if you go to out to eat.  When my husband and I plan a day to be out, we pack some snacks and we look at places to go beforehand that are in the areas we will be that day.  Way better then ending up starving, scrambling to find a place, and getting stuck.

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