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As Michael Pollan, author and documentary host, once said, Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” 

If you eat a lot of whole foods, like my husband and I, you’ve probably noticed you have a lot of scraps left over.  Have you ever thought of doing something more with that instead of adding to the landfill?  Which, did you know, anything put into landfills stays there forever and produces methane, which is more powerful than CO2..eeks!


When I was younger, my family composted things from coffee grounds, egg shells, to produce scraps. It was something I never really thought of, it was normal, part of life, and we used the soil that came from it in our garden.  It was cool to see all those different veggies, fruits, and flowers growing like crazy.  We grew organically before it was even a term.  Before I even knew what it meant.  Our produce wasn’t perfect, but who cared.  We used what we could, nature got its share, and the rest went back into the compost bin.  NO LANDFILL.

So, here’s the 101 on composting…

Truly Living Well

WHY : Composting is important because….    thanks to Atlanta recycles:

  • Reduces our need for landfills. Over 800,000 tons of food scraps were disposed in Georgia in 2004. In the US municipal solid waste stream, yard trimmings and food residuals together constitute 24 percent of the U.S. municipal solid waste.
  • Creates rich soil for gardens & lawns.
  • Loosens clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water
  • Can save money, as it is a great alternative to fertilizers.
  • Is fun for kids. Compost bins are full of interesting critters and educational opportunities.
  • Can be a great conversation piece with your neighbors!

Compost Now


If you’re fortunate to live in a house – utilize your backyard.  There are websites such as these that provide great tips on how to do it. EPA website,   Going Zero Waste,  Atlanta Recycles .  You’ll need to select a container, build one, or dig a hole in the ground; then you choose a location, build your pile, then let nature take its course until it’s ready to use.

What if you’re in a place where you can’t utilize a yard?  Say a multifamily residence, a restaurant, or work?  You can totally compost indoors, you just need a special type of bin and you need to “tend” to your pile.  EPA’s website addresses this & so does The Spruce  OR contact your local farmers market or community garden to see if they can suggest any places you can drop off.  And see the locations for other drop-off points listed on Wylde Center’s website 

Compost Now

Another easy (and feel good!) alternative is to contact Compost Now.  This once a week or twice a month pick-up service provides you with an airtight, close-able container in which to save your scraps and so much more.  Got wilted lettuce sitting in your refrig?  Oranges past their prime?  Bones, compostable containers, pizza boxes – they take it all!  You’ll feel less guilty about the waste happening.  And did you know they offer you your fully composted scraps back later for your garden when you want it.  No garden?  You can donate it to our local farmers.

Here at The Learning Kitchen we have partnered with Compost Now for a twice a month pick up and it costs us $19/month.   And they have a free trial period to get you started (and mention that we told you about it, please?).  Loving this way of giving back to those those farmers that give us so much.  Full circle!  How wonderful!

I hope you found this helpful and found one small thing you can do.  If we all do something, no matter how big or small, then maybe as a collective whole,  we’ll really start to see an impact.

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