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Pressure Canning is necessary in order to safely can vegetables (that are not pickled/acidified) such as garden-fresh corn, beans, peppers — and meats. It can also be used to can reconstituted dried beans and combo veggie/fruit items such as salsas that continue a high degree of vegetables.  And,  yes, you can safely can meats at home.

These canners are much safer today than the ones your mom or gram used,  and not particularly hard to use.  Once you learn pressure canning, you can also use it for water bath canning, if you prefer.  That means one pot serves both purposes!

Register here:    Pressure Canning Workshop

Classes are $45.00 per student.  2 products, 2 jars, recipes and pressure canner instructions. We will be doing Chicken Stock and also a seasonal Vegetable or Fresh Salsa.  And I will also discuss and include a recipe for Veggie Stock – and how you can make it for free!!!  Yes, you read that right!

I will have examples of the three makes/models pressure canners available and we will use two of them to demonstrate the variety of gauges.  This will help you decide which kind of pressure canner you’d like to buy (if you don’t already own one).  You do not need to bring your own pressure canner to the class, but if you own one and want to consult about using it, feel free!

We will NOT go over the basics of home canning,  so this class is geared to those who are familiar with canning. Questions pertaining to the basics, of course, will be answered!  It would be good if you have done at least a few successful water bath canning projects before taking this class.  If you are a “beginner”, you may want to consider taking the Canning 101 – Immersion Workshop which we offer monthly throughout the year.

NOTE:  There is quite a lot of “down” time in this class, especially after the processing time has elapsed for the canners to cool down in order to release the lids.  You may want to take a break and have snack/drink break in the Market, take this opportunity to purchase the vast array of produce and meats available in the market, or just stretch your legs.  I would estimate total elapsed time – preparation, canning, cooling – to be more than 3 hours. You may also leave early and pick up your jars at the Kitchent later or from me here in Atlanta.

And let me do a bit of a commercial here for pressure canners:  once you do your own stocks, you’ll never go back to store-bought again!  There’s a world of a difference in taste, cost and nutrition.  Easy to do – And lots of uses!

You’ll be on your way to doing soups, stews, stir fries – and incorporating all the great veggies that are around in each season.

Taught by Master Food Preserver, Lyn Deardorff

Register Here:     Pressure Canning Workshop


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