“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

 In General, Simple Living

No truer words spoken by Albert Einstein.

Decluttering and organizing will cover the next two Simple Living posts.  Along with minimalism, they’re the trois amis, tres amigos, so let’s continue this conversation.

Do you have extra items in your house that you feel keep looming over your head?  Do you own a storage unit or a house larger than you need?

I dare ask, how many times have you pulled out and used any of those things in the last year? Think about what you could turn that extra space into or the money you could save by not paying for that extra space.  For me, this all goes back to my goals and I’d rather see more chocolate and vacations please!

photo-centre staged

My husband and I had wanted a two-bedroom condo and ended up with a one-bedroom because we made location a priority.  Hello walking to run all our errands!  So, because we live in a one bedroom with our cat, and the in and out foster kittens ( thanks @furkidsatlanta ) we have to keep it decluttered and organized! Not only because I don’t like to be overwhelmed by stuff, but because it makes me feel literally lighter.  It also makes me more mindful of future purchases and it makes my spaces more organized…to be saved for the next SL post.

Now, I can really only speak to my experiences, so I hope whether you’re an empty nester, a first time home buyer, or a family with kids, you can find pieces in this post that relate to you.  I know my Mom and Dad are ready to downsize and are in the process of going through their things because she doesn’t want to leave that to her kids (as she cleans our her Mom and Dad’s house) or to go through it all when moving day comes. (Projects are always easier to get through when you do a little at a time.)

Then there’s my sister with two girls and I see a similar view on toys as we had growing up…..we had the essentials, things were passed down, if there wasn’t space for it something had to go or we didn’t get it.  Minus those years in high school and college where I bought trendy items and now have to figure out what to do with them, I hold these parameters even more dearly. I now focus on items that will last forever, not only durability, but also style.

I’ll be honest, as this is a constant work in progress for us (as you can see by the images.)  It isn’t easy and can feel overwhelming.  If you’re interested in trying to declutter yourself or looking to try it again follow the next couple of steps to start on your journey.

A. First step, take 5 minutes and grab a box of some kind and put 5 things in there today you don’t need.

  1. The next day or next week, do the same thing.
  2. If after a month has gone and you haven’t pulled anything out to use.
  3. DONATE!

B. Second step, maybe more advanced, start with one space such as a closet or your utensil drawer.

  1. Figure out a time of day you wouldn’t mind spending doing this.  For me it would coincide with a cup of coffee or glass of wine.
  2. Take everything out, decide if you need it or not, then recycle, gift, or donate.
  3. When you go to put the items you’re keeping back, try organizing them…I know next post.  However, I love to declutter a space and then organize it!  I can find everything so much easier!  Who doesn’t love to save time in a crazy busy world?

Happy Decluttering my friends!

If you’re interested in reading what other folks have to say, just type declutter into Google and loads of information will pop up.  I always say, do some research, and then figure out what works for you.



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