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Here’s our talented pool of Instructors:

 Will J. Acosta

Will Acosta has had a love and passion for food since he was a young child.

He watched his grandfather preserve the fruits of his and other’s North Louisiana garden. Tomatoes, figs, blackberries… the varieties were endless. His Mother was a caterer and owned a restaurant and he washed dishes, cooked and served.

As an adult, he searches out food experiences and sees food as not only the way we nourish our bodies, but also as a way to connect people.


Cara-Lee Langston

Cara-Lee Langston is a South African-born Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Wellness Cook. An Exercise Science undergraduate, she also holds a Certificate in Medical Herbalism from the Botanologos School of Herbal Studies and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Cara strives to build relationships with local farmers and engage community interest in integrative health and wellness.

As Teaching Kitchen Coordinator for the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, Cara-Lee works to develop nutrition and culinary education programs for adults and kids in need.



Miss Ladybug

Miss Ladybug of Ladybug Events is a whimsical educator who excels at blending learning, entertainment, and wonder.

She provides enrichment programs to schools around metro atlanta and is also a children’s entertainer for birthday parties and community events.  Miss Ladybug is teaching and entertaining at The Learning Kitchen’s Camps for Kids

Find out more about her and Ladybug Events at


Terran Lewis

Soap Maker Terran Lewis produces and sells her natural handmade soaps through her company, Herb ‘n Eden.






Cynthia Long

Pastry chef and baker who possesses a passion for creating delicious, visually appealing pastries and confections. In depth knowledge of baking sciences and proper flavor combinations. Chef Long is versed in the savory side of sweet, and the proper selection of wine, cordial or spirit for pairing.  Among Chef Long’s various work experiences include the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., Raddison Luxury Hotels, the Food Network – and recently, Amelie’s French Bakery in Atlanta.


Marisa Moore

Marisa is a registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of Marisa Moore Nutrition. Using a food first, mostly plant-based approach, Marisa helps people eat better, one morsel at a time, through group classes, writing, and developing healthy recipes.

A former national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Marisa is a trusted food and nutrition expert and has appeared in most major media outlets including the Today Show, The Dr. Oz. Show, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and has had regular appearances on CNN. Marisa is a contributing editor for Food & Nutrition Magazine, contributor to People magazine and blogger for the Huffington Post and US News and World Report.

Before launching her consultancy, she worked as an outpatient dietitian, corporate nutritionist for a restaurant chain, and managed the employee worksite nutrition program at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Always ready for new passport stamps, Marisa loves to explore new countries, but in her spare time you might find her dancing salsa or on a jog with her dog, Biscuit.  Learn more and get her recipes and tips at



David Patton

Southern born, David is a 20+year resident of Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward (home of Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn).  
David came to soul food and southern cooking the old fashioned way, by watching his grandparents, aunts, uncles and his parents grow and cook food for their families friends and neighbors.
Their passion for feeding their loved ones was practically genetic as David now enjoys vegetable gardening and turning what he grows into regular meals for his family and friends.





Christine A. Seelye-King

Chef Christine Seelye-King is a professional Chef Instructor and Cookbook Author, teaching culinary skills to students of all ages from small children through senior citizens. She is the co-author of Easy Gluten-Free Entertaining, and author of the ebook Mrs. Claus Cooks for Holiday Entertaining. She has worked with the Hope Scholarship Program through Chattahoochee Technical College, teaching the first year of culinary basics and management to advanced placement high school students, and as a Chef Instructor to the public at the Viking Cooking School and Cook’s Warehouse.  She is a certified ServSafe instructor and proctor for the National (and Georgia) Restaurant Associations.

Christine served a 3-year chef’s apprenticeship through the American Culinary Federation, becoming the first woman to graduate from the program in the

SE in 1984.  Since then her job titles have included Restaurant and Bar Manager, Personal Chef, Health and Education Coordinator for Sevananda Natural Foods, Mad Scientist, and Mrs. Claus.  She currently teaches with the LEAD Homeschool Organization as a Chef Instructor and teacher of Living History and Domestic Sciences.


Brandi Shelton

Born in New Orleans, Louisian, Brandi Shelton (AKA “The tea lady”) grew up with a grandmother that had a concoction for every aliment.

While studying Fashion Design abroad, blending tea leaves with a little bit of fruit or herbs became her concoction in a cup while on the other side of the pond.

Back in the States, Brandi decided she would make what she wanted and share it with the world.  just add honey tea company was born.

Since 2006, she’s blended what feels right and tastes good.  Plain and simple with a lot of love.




Kyan Wei

An exciting food experience is what I expect before I try something new or something that I have experienced and love.  I hope to bring you the same philosophy starting from the other side of the table – shopping, preparation, cooking, tasting, and tasting – with an international flare and hopefully a side of fun during the process.

Being born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, I was surrounded by great people and the authenticity and diversity of Chinese cuisine, as well as many elements of the Thai, Japanese, and Indian influences via my family’s restaurant business and my naturally adventurous self.  During my years in high school and in college in the Boston area, my taste has gradually developed from the Italian, French, and Spanish influence from the wonderful people I have made relationships with along the way.  You will find that I have a very original approach to preserve the authentic taste of Asian cuisine, but with a contemporary method with everything that can be sourced easily and locally.  Thank you for being adventurous on helping me rediscover some of my favorite Asian flavors from my childhood – I hope you have a great time and will be able to pass on these elements in your future food experience for yourself and the people around you.


Rebecca Wood

Rebecca’s interest in baking stems from early childhood.  Her grandmothers, on both sides, would sit her up on the countertop to keep her occupied and out of trouble while they were doing their own cooking and baking.  Sometimes she’d get to dump the pre-measured ingredients into the bowl and be “helpful.”  Since that time, Rebecca has taken those same old recipes and reconfigured them to elevate the hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and other synthetic additives to create delicious treats made with real ingredients.  She is now the Studio Mama at Zac Brown’s recording studio, Southern Ground Nashville, where she cooks and bakes with local, organic ingredients for the artists who come to work there.

Chef Renee Young

An Atlanta native, Chef Renee is a dynamic personal and catering chef with more than four years of professional experience. She began her career early in life, at the age of 7 years old, watching and mimicking cooking shows she watched on Food Network. It was during those moments it was discovered that she had a gift and passion for food. After high school, Chef Renee went on to pursue an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary arts in 2013.

Chef Renee has worked in fine dining establishments and with celebrity chefs, as well as a few celebrities and upscale clients, providing them with excellent personal chef services. Her goal is to make a rewarding  impact on people around the world by sharing recipes and experiences with them.


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