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Maybe it’s my frugality, my love for the environment, or maybe it’s because of the studies I keep hearing about, but I LOVE reusing glass jars!!\

Why do I love reusing them so much?

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  1. I get to reduce my amount of waste &  reuse so I’m not using an item just once.
  2. I know what they’re made of, GLASS, no BPA or whatever chemical of the day they use in plastic and canned goods!  Grosse!
  3. In addition to labeling, I can see what is inside
  4. They’re so versatile = dry food, cotton-balls, Qtips, cleaners (maybe you bought in bulk or maybe you made your own, ) homemade dressings, nut mix, dry goods,  anything storage (beans, spices, chocolate chips, rice)  decoration, flower vase, etc, etc, etc!!!  Seriously, the list goes on.
  5. Yogurt Parfait To-Go

    I save money by buying in bulk because I brought in my own jar!!  Organic Peanut butter for $6 instead of $8? Yes, please!

  6. I can bring that dip I made to my friend’s house and not worry to get that jar back..well, only if they promise to reuse it.
  7. They clean up beautifully –  I can put them in the dishwasher  and not worry about them melting.
  8. I receive a discount at cafes, restaurants, smoothie or juice bars because I bring in my own bottle.


La Colombe

For example, when I was recently in Chicago,  I visited @lacolombecoffee  several times where I would either bring in my to-go coffee cup or reuse an empty Kombucha bottle (clean of course.) They were more than happy to fill them up with coffee  AND they even gave me a small discount!! How amazing is that? That could equal a free coffee every week!!!  


In our condo they are perfect food storage containers, wet or dry.  Maybe you don’t make homemade dressing, pickles, hummus, etc, but they are perfect for storing nuts, seeds, beans, or even using as to-go containers.  For example, we buy yogurt in large containers, so we use our small jars to portion off individual servings.

Pickled Watermelon Rinds

In addition to saving money there are other benefits to using glass jars & bottles.  I’m sure you’ve read, watched or heard a news story or documentary regarding how bad plastic is.   Even if it is BPA free, that doesn’t mean you’re clear of other chemicals. ( CNN article )  Also, have you seen the BPA free stamp on canned goods recently?  Who knew canned items will often times have a BPA lining!  Say what?!  Then, there’s also the consideration of being sustainable when reusing glass jars – so no throwing away here!


That’s why at The Learning Kitchen even though we use brand new jars for our canning classes, we will give you a discount on our jams, relishes, and pickled goods when you bring your jars back!

We love reusing jars for drinking glasses, setting our dinner table with mason jars teaming with local flowers or greenery, storing our utensils vertically to reach for easily,  and storing our dried goods like the spices you see in the image.

Need more reasons to fall in love with glass jars?  You can simply search DIY ideas on your favorite search engine or you can follow people like @organizenashville   @organizedsimplicity  @litterless  @eclecticbanter for more inspiration.


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