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Yesterday, I posted a recipe that was perfect for the season – Red Onion Red Cherry Relish.  Just last week, I have the privilege and fun of hosting a Shrubs class.

Among the offerings was our classic Dark Cherry Balsamic Shrub. These ripe dark cherries from Washington State Stone Fruit Growers were perfect for creating this rich hearty shrub.  Of the four tasted by the 13 participants, it was voted the favorite.

This picture is one of our guests making up a take-home batch at our class, the ending of the mélange of tastings!



And no wonder!  This is a vibrant, hearty deep and delicious shrub. It contains not only Balsamic Vinegar but Turbinado or Brown Sugar along with a small sprinkling of freshly ground pepper.

Mixed with Bourbon was the choice of the group.  But they also enjoyed it with just sparkling water as a summer refresher.  I love shrubs as an alternative to the predictable ice tea or lemonade in the summer.  So easy to make, so long lasting in the refrig.

I posted about this back in 2014.  You’ll find that recipe here:  Black Cherry Balsamic Shrub.

Also included in that posting is Rum-Soaked Black Cherries.  So good over a sponge cake with a dollop of whipped cream, or topping ice cream.

And if you just can’t get enough cherries this summer (I never seem to), here are more:  Cherries Bourbon & Cherries Bourbon Sorbet.


Making up the Cherries Bourbon gives you an easy to make sorbet dish.


If you happen to have one of those ice cream makers that are electric and you simply freeze the container ahead of time, you can make this up in 30 minutes. I’ve taken this to pot lucks and other parties.  How perfect for our hot, steamy summer here in Atlanta.



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