Mom & Me – a Mother’s Day Gift Experience!

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Bring your Mom!  Moms!  This is a fun experience to share with your daughters.  And sons! Or fathers and husbands!  Okay, guys, we’ll let you in too!  So anyone and everyone, a fun event to share with that special person in your life, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Our event will feature a baking and a canning experience.  And you’ll craft a clever gift bag to use for your newly created items.

I’m happy to say that I am once again partnering with Rebecca Wood – old friend, baker par excellence,  and Studio Mama of South Ground in Nashville (Zac Brown’s Recording Studio in Nashville).  Rebecca and I shared canning and baking experiences when she lived here in Atlanta.  And then once again up in Nashville at the Nashville Farmers’ Market.  Such a great time!

photo 3 (2)First, Rebecca will share the easy and delicious art of making shortbread.  We’ll also offer a gluten-free shortbread option, for those preferring this.

The decorative molds she uses leave such an appealing design, don’t you think?  And shortbread is versatile enough to make into so many shapes for entertaining or gifting – or tasty home snacks.

Then we’ll learn to make and preserve a jar of blueberry butter – which you can add to your gift bag.

So skip the malls for gift searching – Wouldn’t it be fun to have a great time with your Mom? She’ll love you for it!

You’ll leave with a gift bag (or two) that contains a jar of Blueberry Butter and a package of Shortbread, plus recipes and instructions for making both.

Ticketing – We offer two options:

Come and make this up as a gift to take to your Mom.  $49.00 per person

Or come as a pair (Mom & Daughter, Mom & Son, etc.) $89.00 for two.

Register here:


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