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[Editor’s Note:  Today, we welcome Liz Baudler to our family of Instructors, Interns, and Volunteers.  Liz will be penning our “Simple Green” & “Simple Living” posts, something I am proud to revive from our earliest days of Preserving Now.   Meet Liz:  I’m an advocate for DIY or at least trying it yourself and then deciding if you like it or if it makes sense for you to keep doing. (ex: I’ve given up on making homemade granola, can’t get it as crunchy as the stores without adding a ton of oil and sugar. ) I have also gotten more involved in zero waste and seeing what little things we can do to eliminate plastic and other non-essential packaging. I’m a huge advocate for reduce, reuse, and recycle – furniture included. I love to cook, bake, exercise, spend time with my husband and friend, travel, play with our cat Woodford, foster kittens for Furkids, volunteer at Furkids, attend cultural events such as High Museum exhibitions, plays, symphonies, etc.  

We welcome Liz – and as always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.]


Simple Living  ( minimalism ) = Is the freedom from consumer culture and building a more meaningful life for you


It isn’t about being cheap or depriving yourself of something.  Trust me, I hardly never say no to chocolate.  (Especially when it is @xocolatlchocolate, which you can find @krogstmarket. )  However, what we do find is that we are more mindful about our purchases. Why is this a big deal?  Well, for my husband and I it comes down to needs vs wants to stay on track of meeting our goals.

Our goals are: travel – food – cultural experiences

These are important to us because they allow us to spend quality time together, learn about other cultures, and enjoy new experiences.

The nice perk of building our lives around this is that we’ve saved money;  enter:  more chocolate and more travel.

Before we make a purchase we always ask, is it a need or a want?  This question helps us prioritize.  We got there by making a list of our goals, so last minute purchases and non-essentials don’t find their way into our shopping cart.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to buy a tiny house and only keep 30 different items in your closet.  It is all about what works for you.  Wouldn’t you like to make decisions more conscientiously and more deliberately?  To obtain our goals, my husband and I keep each other on track with asking ourselves is this a need or a want?  My closet certainly does have its options;  however, those options will last me until I wear holes in them.  Which, hey, by that time they could be the hottest trend and we can always say yes to our next adventure.

So, what are you goals? What do you want your life to be like?

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