Delicious fruit butters,  pickles, relishes and condiments made in small handcrafted batches.  Using the finest ingredients available to us, we source the best organic, local, natural and seasonal products possible.  We use only organic or natural herbs, plus organic low or alternative sugars such as agave syrup, honey and raw sugars whenever possible.  We enjoy making unique flavor combinations for both our sweet and savory products.  No preservatives of any kind.  No artificial anything!  Healthier for children, healthier for you and your friends!

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Please know that we preserve along with the seasons and you may not find all products all the time.  Once sold out, it won’t be back til next year!


Our Products

Our offerings pair well beyond toasts and hamburgers. 
We offer some suggestions below.

Rustic Apple Butter                                        Spiced Peach Butter
Cranberry Apple Chutney                           Ginger Pear Butter
Blueberry Butter                                              Bumbleberry Jam
Strawberry Lemon Jam                                Strumbleberry Jam
  • Breads, Toasts  and Biscuits:  All of our butters, PBJ for kids, Apple Butter on hot biscuits
  • Pancakes and Waffles :  Any of our fruit butters
  • Appetizers such as paired with cheeses – try warmed brie with Ginger Pear Butter
  • Meats, Fish & Vegetables:  Cranberry Apple Chutney glaze on roast pork or turkey;  Ginger Pear Butter glaze on roast chicken or lamb;  Apple Butter on sweet potatoes;  any as a condiment
  • Desserts: our Shortbread Cookies dipped in Apple Butter; any of our Butters on ice cream or custards
  • Yogurts and Oatmeals:  Any of our fruits stirred into plain yogurt or hot oatmeal

Oscar Relish                                                        Savory Pickle Relish
Vidalia Onion Relish                                        Bread and Butter Pickles
Kicky Ketchup                                                   

All our Relishes pair well with hot dogs, hamburgers, roasts, cold meats and

  • Pair our Relishes with cheeses or veggies for an amazing appetizer
  • Use as condiment with fish and meats
  • A perky addition to potato salad and other veggie salads
  • Our Kicky Ketchup is amazing in or on meatloafs, egg dishes, and as an addition to sauces and marinades
  • Use B&B Pickle juice for salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes

Spoon Butter                                                 

  • Our organic food-safe lubricant for  all your wooden kitchen tools:     wooden spoons, cutting boards, bowls.  Safe for all woods.
  • Treats your hands as nicely as the wood, just rub a small amount into the wood with your hands and then rub excess into your hands!
  • Made with beeswax and organic walnut oil for a fragrant, foodsafe, easy to handle emulsified (semi-solid) product.
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