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And another Farm to Pantry Recipe

I’ve had more requests for this recipe in recent months than anything else I’ve canned.  Is it because peaches are so mouth-wateringly good right now? Sure, but probably it’s because the combination of peaches with maple and bourbon sounds like it’s gotta be amazing, right?  Yup, it is!  Tastes like candy for grown-ups!

Maple Bourbon Peach Butter 003Notice the picture above shows a stack of the cute 4-oz jars ready for holiday gift giving.  Yes, I often prepare items in season and store for later gifting.  The pretty one on top with the summer-y printed cover was done by Beth Lord of The Indie-Pendent for Pamela Berger’s Sweet Peach Revival party held recently, where we jointly made the cuties up as take-home gifts for the Sunday brunch.  Steal this idea or make up your own! Visit their sites if you want to see what they are up to next:  and

What to do with it?  All the ways you use fruit butters work, such as a glaze for meats, a topping for waffles (adding a dollop of whipped cream is a sinfully delicious brunch treat!).  My favorite? On vanilla ice cream.  Warm it a bit and it is even better!

So here it is – my third in the peaches series, as promised.

Maple Bourbon Peach Butter

Makes 6-7 half-pint jars

6 lbs. peaches, rinsed and pitted, sliced into quarters (organic preferred)
1 cup pure maple syrup
1 cup bourbon
1/2 to 1 cup of sugar, to taste (I prefer organic raw sugar or organic turbinado
1/2 cup vinegar, balsamic or red sherry (this vinegar is for taste, not for safety)


Maple Bourbon Peach Butter 013Prepare water bath canner, adding jars and bringing to a low boil.  Reduce and simmer water with jars until needed.  Place lids in a heat-proof bowl.

Prepare peaches by washing.  Cut into halves and remove pits (I usually do this right over a stockpot in order to capture all the juice),  no need to remove the skins.  Cut again and place in stockpot.

Combine peaches with bourbon, maple syrup, sugar and vinegar in a large Dutch oven (a wide surface pan is best for making butters).  Cover and bring to a boil over medium heat.  Reduce heat and simmer until peaches are very soft and breaking down.  Use an immersion blender directly in the pan or transfer in batches to a food processor to puree. Blend until the skins disappear and the texture is an even butter.


Peach Butter & Garlic Scapes 6-11 004Return peaches to pot (if transferred to food processor) and continue to cook over medium heat, uncovered, stirring frequently so that butter does not stick or burn.  Reduce until butter reaches the desired thickness, which is when a spoonful on a saucer does not run, but rather holds its shape.  Taste and adjust flavorings (adding more maple syrup, sugar, bourbon as desired).

Lift hot jars from water bath canner to heatproof counter or cutting board.  Ladle hot water from the canner into the bowl with lids.  Fill jars immediately, leaving 1/2 inch head room.  Bubble, wipe rims, secure lids and bands.  Process in water bath canner for 10 minutes after water returns to a boil.  Remove from canner, leaving undisturbed for 12 hours.  Check lids when cool (about 1 hour), label and store.


Peach Butter & Garlic Scapes 6-11 039

Got a favorite peach recipe to share with us?


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    • Lyn

      Thanks for reposting this. Wouldn’t this make a great “guy” gift?

  • Martinique

    This looks fantastic! I’ve done three batches of peach butter so far, but with the husband’s new found love of bourbon, I NEED to try this one! 😀

    • Lyn

      Thanks for responding! Peaches anything are my husband’s favorite – so this fits the bill for him too. Maybe think about some of the small jars for gifting (as I mention above)?

  • Alice

    This is absolutely delicious! I made it mostly to give away, but I may decide just to keep it. I used the smaller amount of sugar and it has the perfect tartness that we love.

    • Lyn

      So glad you tried it! This really seems to be a crowd pleaser. I, too, enjoy fruits made with less sugar – you can really taste the fruit more. The new Spiced Peaches recipe is a winner in my book too – try it?

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