The Learning Kitchen – Featured in the AJC!

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We are excited and proud to be featured in the AJC FOOD Section today!

Titled:   Reviving Oft-Forgotten Arts in Creating Food by way of classes & workshops.

Several of our past students in our classes were interviewed and added thoughts and comments, too.

And 3 of my favorite recipes are there,  too:  Vidalia Onion Relish, Dilly Carrots, and Dijon Mustard (this one from our “What’s in Your Pantry:  Condiments class).

Take a look here:  AJC:  The Learning Kitchen

Thanks CW Cameron & AJC!

Lyn & Tom

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  • Gracies Choice

    I loved the AJC article and recipes and tried the Vidalia Onion Relish for my first ever canning experience. It turned out perfectly! Thank you so much. The relish is wonderful! My question is, can the recipe be doubled? My four pints will not last long…

    • Lyn

      Hi Gracie, I’m so glad you like it! It’s a favorite in my house, too. Don’t you love the yellow color?
      Yes, you certainly can double it. When you do this, you may have to cook it longer to boil off/evaporate the liquid. You’ll want it boiled down so that it shows signs of thickening but with some liquid left (not too dry). FYI, it doesn’t hurt if there’s too much liquid, just not good if it’s too dry and it won’t preserve as well. And since Vidalia’s are in for such a short time, it’s great to capture it now! You’ll be glad you did in January (if you have it that long!)

      • Gracies Choice

        Thanks, Lyn for the tip about the liquid! I think my first batch might have been a little too dry so it’s very helpful to know that too much liquid is preferred over too little.
        Thank you!!

        • Lyn

          Liquid is one of the variables that always comes up, it seems to me. No matter the recipe, the fruit or veggie varies depending on soil, growing conditions, variety of produce, even how long it was stored. It’s more apparent in stove-top cooking, but harder to gauge in canning as you really don’t know the final outcome til processed and cooled. The more you can, however, the more you’ll get a feel for it – and what you like!

          • Gracies Choice

            I can’t wait to do more canning! Thank you so much

          • Gracies Choice

            Do you have a store that is open at the Market or are you just open for your workshops and classes?

          • Lyn

            Yes, we do have a store! Thanks for asking. We sell supplies for canning and other related supplies (such as our bread baking classes). We also sell our own small batch artisan foods that are organic & natural, low/no sugar, made from seasonal fruits and veggies. Hours: we are there from 10 am to 4 pm on Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays. Also Sundays when we have a class, hours of 12 to 5. Other days by appointment or by catching us there anyway! Come visit us and see our special space! And if you haven’t been the to Sweet Auburn Curb Market, it’s also a special place and historic (100 years old next year!)

          • Gracies Choice

            Thanks for the information! Can’t wait to visit!

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