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Does size really matter or are we just caught up in a trend?

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I’ll admit, I love looking at pretty, designer kitchens and dream of what could be.  Then comes reality, do we really need it?

NPR reported about the National Restaurant Association’s research that 48% of what we spend on food goes to restaurants. ( NPR – designer kitchens )



They also noted from Remodeling Magazine that a large designer kitchen can go for upwards of $111,000.  I’ve been doing research to do a mini-reno on my roughly 80 square foot kitchen and I’m looking close to $10,000!

So, let’s be real, this is a significant amount

of investment and I see two international vacations with that money! 


I think we can definitely make do with what we have plus or minus a few adjustments and refreshers.  We just need to find out what our kitchen essentials are because beyond that, it’s all optional.  Many chefs, such as @Food52 Amanda Hesser and  @davidchang have stated they cook in small home kitchens.  Finding inspiration in a comment Hesser made, I definitely believe that when you’re dedicated to anything, such as cooking, you can make any space work.  This goes for those of us who certainly don’t have room to expand, but I certainly do not need to get commercial grade appliances and marble up my wall either. (Which is apparently the trend now.)


HGTV has a pretty good article to review if you’re looking to expand. ( HGTV – renovation checklist )   I totally agree with making a list of your wants and needs, how long you are going to be in your home, research kitchen ideas to get quotes from contractors for various work, and then RE-EVALUTE your decision and DON’T RUSH!  Remember that phrase: “sleep on it?”

The guidelines might also help:

  • Figure out must have essentials
  • Storage rules – don’t forget the walls, add cabinets all the way to the ceiling, add drawers instead of shelves to cabinets, and drawer dividers to drawers
  • Bring natural light in to lighten up the space
  • Light cohesive finishes and colors can visually make the space look bigger



So the next time you’re thinking of keeping up with the Jones’ think of me traveling the world.  Bon Voyage!

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