Our four-hour complete, hands-on workshop gives you all the basics of home preservation using the most popular method: water-bath canning.

We’ll do three of the most popular kinds of canning:  A Pickle, A Tomato, and A Fruit, drawing from seasonal offerings.



We’ll share tips on how you can use these 3 basic recipes to make hundreds of yummy, easy pickles, jams, relishes, salsas, fruit butters, chutneys  – so much fun and so many ways to stock your pantry!


Questions about safe canning?  What can be canned in a water bath canner and what takes a pressure canner?  What’s headspace & why is it necessary to allow for it?  What jars are recommended for home canning? Can I use my granny’s own special recipe?  Do I need all kinds of special equipment?

You’ll receive a complete notebook of instruction and recipes (which we use in the class) along with a jar of each product to take home – 3 in all.

You’ll leave with the knowledge and confidence to do canning on your own – ready to stock your pantry for year-round seasonal goodness!

Taught by Lyn Deardorff, Certified Master Food Preserver

$75.00 each per person
OR Special “2 For $50 each” if both register at the same time


October 21- Canning 101 - 1 Adult
October 20, 2017
10:00 pm
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October 21- Canning 101 - Special/2 Adults $50 each
October 20, 2017
11:00 am
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209 Edgewood Avenue, SE, Atlanta, GA, 30303
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