The Learning Kitchen is ready to host your event.

Team Building?  Dinner Party?  Friends’ Supper Club?  Baby Shower?  Family Reunion?  We offer many creative ideas that provide not only fun – but hands-on learning too!

Here are some ideas – or we can customize an event just for you:

Canning/Preservation Event:

Canning/Preserving in Mason Jars:  Three options below offer hands-on complete canning/preserving experiences so that the home cook will be able to preserve small batch items from each season – without preservatives, artificial coloring or other chemicals and low or free of salt, sugars, etc.  Emphasis is on tasty and easy recipes.  The prepared items are then available to take home. These classes are surprisingly fun, easy and enjoyed by all. All jars, produce and equipment provided.

Option 1:  Prepare & Process Apple Butter, Tomato Salsa, and Vidalia Onion Relish (or choice from 3 seasonal fruits/vegetables):

Prepare & Can (Process) 3 Different Items:  Divide into 3 equal teams.  Each team will completely prepare one item from start to finish, including water bath processing (canning).  Each team will have a complete recipe and will prepare enough for all members of the larger group to have 1 jar each.  Introduction by Instructor to the projects will be given, as well as hands-on assistance throughout the preparations. Wrap-up discussion of processing will conclude the event.  Everyone will receive a jar of each item (3 in all) along with complete instructions and recipes to take home.  All will have learned how to successfully process a fruit, a tomato product, and a pickle item (the 3 food groupings of water bath canning).  $60/person

Option 2:  Preparing & Processing Apple Butter, Tomato Salsa, and Vidalia Onion Relish (or choice of two fruits/vegetables).

Same as above except all guests will prepare all items individually.  We will work through one item at a time as a group until all 3 items are prepared and processed.  $60/person

Option 3:  Prepare & Process Apple Butter and Bread & Butter Pickles (or choice of two fruits/vegetables).

Same as option 2 except that 2 items will be prepared:   $50/person.

Making & Baking Homemade Bread & Butter

Making a baguette, in the “French Style” – meaning flaky, crunchy crusts along with a center texture that’s light and airy and not too dense. This is so simple and delicious, which is why it’s been very popular among experienced bread makers. Then bake it up and take home a freshly made, warm loaf!

Then learn about the easiest & quickest way to make homemade butter.  So melt-in-your mouth goodness.  Take home a jar of this freshly made butter. Full take-home instructions, along with all equipment provided. $55/person


Small Plates/Seasonal Produce:

Two options below offer hands-on preparation of foods selected from produce found in local markets during this season.  Portions of the small plates will be prepared by the group, as well as some items already prepared (in the interest of time:  tortillas, black beans, etc.).  After individual prepping, the items are assembled and plated, and enjoyed by the group.

Option 1:  Seasonal Small Plate:  Menu consists of Black Bean Tostadas with Guacamole & Pico De Gallo Salad.  Group will prepare the Guacamole & Pico de Gallo, then assemble tostados with black beans, feta, scallions and top with Guacamole.  The Pico de Gallo will be served on fresh greens and topped with fresh lime juice.  $45.00

Option 2Seasonal Small Plate:  Menu consists of Roasted Chicken Tenderloin Sliders with roasted bell peppers and topped with Vidalia Onion Relish & Spring Crunch Salad topped with Citrus Vinaigrette dressing.  Group will prepare and roast the chicken with the bell peppers,  cut and assemble the Spring Crunch vegetables, make the Viniagrette.  Then assemble the Sliders and plate each of the items.  $50.00

What Else?

Let us customize a menu, an experience for you and your group.  Our talented group of instructors offer many varied and different experiences.

You’ll want to know:

All options:  An appetizer spread will be available during the breaks in preparation.  This will include tastings of the items to be prepared or other items prepared by the Kitchen.  The trays will include paired cheeses along with crackers or crostinis.  Filtered water and soft drinks available. Wine or other alcoholic beverages can be provided by arrangement.

The Learning Kitchen is located inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.  Minimum number of guests is 6 .  The Kitchen is best suited for groups of 6 to 12.  Special arrangements can be made for larger groups with a customized experience.  We like to draw upon seasonal foods to plan our menus.  We can accommodate special diets if planned in advance.  Parking is provided by a third-party company for a fee.  Security is provided both inside and outside the building.

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