Join us the Weekend – Two New Events!

 In General

Our debut Vegan Taste Testers Club (open to everyone) meets this Saturday, April 28 at 4pm.  This is a social mixer and networking opportunity for anyone interested in tasting vegan food.

Monthly, guests will taste the most amazing cuisine from Chef Brittany Love of Free Birds Vegan Bakery. Bored with vegan?  Not finding tasty prepared foods in the market?   Tired to cooking up recipes that you didn’t like?  This is the way to get some fresh inspiration without wasting food and money!

Not strictly vegan or vegetarian?  No problem! These dishes will help you round out your everyday meal prep!

Tasting Menu this month, inspired by Chef Love’s recent trip to West Africa:
Ghanaian Veggie Pies
Kontomire Stew
Jollof Rice
Beverages Included.
Price Per Person: $40.00  Register here:  Vegan Taste Testers Club
Registration closes Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm.  Limited seats available


On Sunday, April 29 at 1:00 our next International Dinner continues,  featuring Korean Fusion.  Featuring Chef Seung Lee Hee, author of Everyday Korean, guests are invited to watch (pull up a stool)as the Chef prepares your dinner.   Then dine together on an authentic Korean dinner.  Born and raised in South Korea, Seung studied traditional Korean royal court cuisine at the renowned Taste of Korea Research Institute.

The menu includes:

Korean Savory Pancakes
Bossam & Bibim Noodles
Assorted Banchan (side dishes)
Served with Rice Beer
Price Per Person:  $45.00.  Register Here:  Korean Fusion Dinner.  Only 8 seats remain
Registration closes Thursday evening at 8 pm



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