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 In General

There’s so much on board in August I’m just going to post them in chrono order.  Then follow your heart to the links, read more and register.  And see you in The Kitchen!

August 3:  Chef Will Acosta’s dinner series continues, a cook and dine:  Quick Seasonal Weeknight Suppers.  Prep, cook, and eat (with wine provided).  We all need some fresh inspiration, don’t we?  More here:  Quick Seasonal Weeknight Suppers

Various August Dates:  Our Summer Preserving Series continues with Tomato Jam and Pickled Peppers (hot, mild, or mixed).  You can’t get more seasonal than that!  Is your garden producing more than you can use?  Or grab some from the farmers’ markets right now and put them up!  More here:  Summer Preserving Series

August 5:  Our popular Bread & Butter Workshop.  You can’t imagine how easy, fun, and tasty it is to make your own bread.  And it only takes about 5 minutes to whip up homemade butter.  Made to go together like, well….bread and butter!  More here:  Bread & Butter Workshop

August 6:  A new posting of our Shrubs:  Coolers & Cocktails event.  This sold out in our multiple listings in June & July.  Don’t know what they are – then you don’t know what you are missing!  More here: Shrubs:  Coolers & Cocktails

August 10:  Quick Seasonal Weeknight Suppers (above) repeats.  Quick Seasonal Weeknight Suppers

August 12:  We welcome a new Pastry Chef to our kitchen, sharing her love and expertise of pastry making – but how about this:  Pastries for Dinner!  You’ll be glad you did – and so will your family and friends.  More here:  Pastries for Dinner


August 13:  Our annual (almost ) Tomato Can-A-thon!  For a very low price, you will learn how to can fresh tomatoes.  Then we’ll all pitch in to can mountains of fresh organic tomatoes.  Buy jars at cost at the end of the day.  This event is fun, messy, busy – and makes you so happy to have jars of fresh summer tomatoes in your pantry for that not-so-distant winter!  Class is limited to 10 only, so register soon, here:   Tomato Can-A-Thon

August 18:  Shrubs:  Coolers & Cocktails event (above) repeats. Shrubs:  Coolers & Cocktails

August 26:  Our Canning 101 Immersion Workshop:  A complete hands-on workshop.  Our original, now having taught this nearly monthly for over 8 years.  It’s still the most popular for good reason:  everyone would like fresh, seasonal, healthy, tasty produce in their panty.  You too?  More here:  Canning 101 Immersion Workshop

August ?:  To be announced, our next Plate Sale.  This has become the talk of the Market, the talk of our fans, and the one that Creative Loafing just headlined.  If you haven’t made it to one yet,  come savor what Mike and Shyretha Sheats of Staplehouse Restaurant put together for this 4-course dinner with wine pairings.  Posting to come soon on our website.





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