Canning Jars at Cost!

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For all you canners getting ready for the best canning season ahead!

Here’s the deal:  I order canning jars for The Learning Kitchen in large quantities, which we use for both the classes and for making products we sell.

In order to get the best price, I order by full pallets and then I don’t have to pay shipping.  That’s a huge savings.

If you help by buying some of these with me (a sort of “co-op” deal), then I don’t have such a big investment in the jars and I can reorder quicker.

Up this time is 8 oz jars, lids and bands included  (known as jelly jars).  These come from Orchard Road and have less embossing on the jars (which I like a lot better that the typical quilted Ball jelly jars).  FYI, the lids and bands are fully interchangeable with Ball and other regular mouth jars.

Yours and my cost:  $6.10 per dozen.  And you know the stores sell them for anywhere from $9.00 to $12.00 per dozen, and even higher!

These are packed in 6 packs so you can order in 1/2 dozen quantities at $3.05 per pack.  And their sturdy boxes are closed boxes that make them very nice for storing your jars before and after processing.  They stack nicely too.

I’m helping you out = and you’re helping us out….nice, right?

Email me what you’d like here:    You can pick up at the Kitchen or my home (whichever is more convenient for you)  or I’ll deliver for free to any location with a $50 minimum order within 15 miles of the Kitchen.

And Happy Canning!


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