Beyond the Classes — Jams, Jars, Pickles, Oh My!

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Since the launch of our Kitchen back in January, I’ve been plum busy enlisting new instructors, learning the ways of e-commerce, postings classes – and actually teaching now and then, the best part!

I want to take a minute to tell all of you – dear students and new subscribers – that The Learning Kitchen is much more than classes.

Here goes!

Jams, Relishes, Pickles, Chutneys – yup, we are in full production mode.  We are making and selling small batch artisan products that use as much organic as we can find (which includes not only fruits & veggies, but apple cider, many spices, raw sugar, maple syrup, for example).  Most of our 8 ounce jars are $5.00 each – a real bargain for organic products, as you all know!  And we continue to do as low/no sugar as we can that will remain tasty, our first priority.

We’ll keep adding as each season brings in new & local offerings.  Canning fresh local organic tomatoes, for example, as soon as available!   Keep an eye on what we are making!  FYI, we are certified to make and sell products in our certified kitchen by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.


Supplies:  we have begun to stock up on supplies related to our mission.  That includes canning pots & pressure canners, canning tools, bread making equipment such as digital scales and thermometers, and more.  We are slowly adding a curated line of accessories such as our mix-and-match napkins from a cottage producer down in Brunswick.   Our hand-embroidered Learning Kitchen aprons made by Alternative Apparel and embroidered by Ribbity-Ribbitz down in Covington.  Our multi-purposed mason jars that boast the old “zinc” top with pumps to use in the kitchen and bathroom.  And more!


Preserving & Canning Book


Canning/Preserving cookbooks.  The “Bible” of home canning you all know I recommend – So Easy to Preserve (only available directly from UGA)  – is now available and in stock in our store.  And other inspiring and expansive cookbooks as well.


Mostly we want to tell you we are stocking Orchard Road canning jars in two sizes – 8 ounce and 16 ounce.  These are fully compatible with Ball & Kerr jars (lids, bands).  I’m happy to work with Orchard Road as a competitor to Jarden Brands (who owns Ball, Kerr and others).  The market place needs some competition and Orchard Road is a wonderful new venture (well, 3 or 4 years old now) with great customer service.  The six pack of 8 oz is $4.99;  the 6 pack of 16 oz. is $5.99.


Everything we stock is priced competitively with comparable products and suppliers, even lower than many places.  We do this to make everything reasonable for you (just like the pricing on our classes).

Please let us know if there is anything you’d like us to be carrying.  We’ll be adding more and more relevant and fun products to our lines.

And if you order $50 or more, we’ll deliver within the Atlanta metro area (with a 25 mile radius of downtown) for free!  Need some jars in a hurry?  No problem!

Hours?  We are establishing a four-day a week schedule right now:  Thursdays through Saturdays, 10 am to 4 pm.  Sundays, Noon to 5 pm.  And anytime by appointment.

FYI, on Fridays, Tom is doing his bread baking!

Come sample fresh bread just out of the oven and ready to buy, along with our “Jar of the Week” for tasting!  See you soon?

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