Canning Pix-home and products 004Preserving NOW is about a journey drawing from the PAST, bringing into the PRESENT, looking to the FUTURE.  Yours and mine….

Preserving food was a way of life for generations gone by. We’re happy to say its back and it’s better than ever.  Now you can preserve foods that respect your preferences for organic, low or no salt, alternative sugars – choosing local and sustainable products, supporting local farmers and green markets, growing back yard gardens  – with no preservatives, no artificial anything.  And so many uses and variety of ideas for preserved products that will enhance your menus, snacks, appetizers, condiments, breakfasts, desserts, and baby and children’s food.

Preserving Now in the Kitchen’s focus is on two areas:  Preserving & other Lost Arts

While handed down from mother to child over more than a hundred years, this skill (and art) has disappeared from many kitchens.  We teach basic water bath canning, something that can be done with a few pieces of equipment, in large or small batches, with simple or complex recipes. Resources can be your back yard garden or a larger plot, or – for many of us urban dwellers – the local green markets that have popped up all over our area.  We also teach an advanced class a few times a year that covers Pressure Canning Preserving.

And we are soon adding a new array of timely classes in preserving, such as fermenting, dehydrating and drying, cheesemaking, gluten free & healthy cooking, kids hands-on classes, soap & candlemaking — and much more.

We make sure what we teach is safety,  first and foremost.  We are knowledgeable on the guidelines from the USDA that will lead you to canning safe products. We are lucky that since 1989, we have the benefit of the first guidelines ever offered for safe home canning.  Now we can add to our grandmothers’ experience, provide up-to-date modern techniques, and discard the unsafe practices of the past.  All this while  we help you move into “Farm to Pantry” ideas, so that you can capture a full year’s seasons in a jar!


So join us in the kitchen as we re-discover the “Lost Arts” and share foods you’ll be proud to serve

And for a full array of canning recipes you can do yourself, see the “Recipes & Tips” on the sidebar on the “Home” page.  

Happy Canning!  Happy Eating!  Happy Living!


Lyn Deardorff

It starts, for me, with a desire to continue to develop my creativity, my learning –  and sharing these joys with you.

Reliving and using my past experiences in over forty years of stop and start canning… of remembering my earliest days with my Grandma in her basement helping to skim foam off the sauerkraut fermenting in large crocks, of my own early attempts at canning with produce from our first backyard garden……

And it’s about learning more and sharing more.  And so I started Preserving Now over six years ago here in the Atlanta area, to offer classes and share knowledge and experiences.   Sometimes that means solitary cooking, or workshops and teaching, and sometimes just purely giving away – for the joy of it – what my hands have created.  And sometimes it’s about talking with you, friends, students, teachers, old timers, newcomers…..And as we continue, sharing the creativity, products, ideas of others on this website.

Certifications & Experience:  Lyn has been canning and preserving for over 40 years in her home in Atlanta.  For over six years, she has initiated and taught canning & preserving classes across the Atlanta area and Nashville.  Classes & Workshops offered included basic Canning 101, various speciality classes such as a Summer Preserving Series in Nashville & Serenbe, and other private and corporate learning & experiential events.

Lyn has completed coursework and been awarded a Certificate of Master Canner from Cornell University Extension Service, based in Ithaca, New York.  She has also completed coursework at the University of Georgia including “Starting a Food Business in Georgia”.   As a requirement for processing and selling low-acids foods (such as pickles and salsas), Lyn has completed the University of Georgia “Better Process  Control School” training and received certification as awarded by UGA and the Georgia State Department of Agriculture.

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