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Hello Friends,

It’s been our pleasure to share The Learning Kitchen and all our classes & events with you over the years.  These efforts have been labors of love, sharing good foods, previously lost skills, amazing pop-up dinners,  seasonal inspirations, creative instructors, cookbook authors and demos – a great variety beyond our wildest imaginations!

We have hosted chefs, avid cooks and wannabees, from children to the oldest among us, nutritionists and beginners – and all the friendships you all have offered us along the way!  You embraced us and our ideas – and said this is what you wanted in The Learning Kitchen.

We have been involved in teaching and creating The Learning Kitchen for many years.  It all started back in 2010 when Lyn retired (supposedly!) and Tom in 2014.  And thanks to you,  we have been busier than ever the last few years.  So now we find we would like some “down time” to spend with our grand kids and family, to travel, to enjoy time with our friends, maybe tackle some new projects.

So here’s the deal:  Have you loved what we’ve been doing?  Have you thought about doing something similar?  We are looking for someone to take over The Learning Kitchen.  And we’ll take a “back seat” to you.  We’ll still be around to teach, if you want us.  We’ll coach you, fill you in on our resources and knowledge.   You will own the company – take it forward as you see fit.

If you think this might fit you, send us an email:  lyn@preserving now.   The right person has had small business (or similiar) experience;  has worked in the food world in some capacity;  had a variety of computer experience;  and available to give it full time and lots of love!  The fee for taking this on?  Negotiable.  But we promise it’s affordable and well below what it’s worth.  And if you know anyone that might be interested in this, please share this with them.

In the meantime, we hope to see you all again in the Kitchen and share more great loves with you.

With deep gratitude for all you’ve given us,

Lyn & Tom



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