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Way back when I first started this website in 2011, I posted comments to two  more categories in addition to “Recipes.”   One was “Simple Green”, the other “Simple Living.”  If you look very closely you’ll see that these words are incorporated into our logo.

I’m sorry I set those posts aside.  They helped me be more conscious about these concepts in my daily life.  Now is the time to revive these posts, I think. I hope these appeal to you as well.

Wonderfully, we are all looking for ways to make our lives more sustainable, generally less stressful….happier with ourselves and our planet, right?

First Up –  Simple Green:  Eliminating plastics from my life has been a goal for many years now. I was thrilled, for example, when my husband came home with glass refrigerator jars several years ago – those “old fashioned” ones that you use for storing leftovers or other foods.


Since then I’ve recycled out all those warped, stained plastic disposable food storage containers I had been hoarding for years.  Glass containers wash sparkly clean, retain no odors and just show off food more appealingly too!

It’s been fun exploring how many ways we can substitute something for plastic that often means not only no more plastic, but something reusable. And quite often, more enjoyable to use. I’ve hated plastic cups for coffee drinking so it was no problem using porcelain or stainless mugs in my car, for example.

This is not a new subject for most of us. But if you want to jump start your efforts with more ideas, check out this website:    And since this is a topic we almost can’t exhaust – plastics have so dominated our lives for many decades –  we’ll offer up more easy hints and quick tips for reducing plastics in our posts to come.  We hope you glean some ideas you can use along the way.

Ideas?  Comments?  We’d love to hear your thoughts, too!


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