Summer Preserving Series

Our Summer Preserving Series Starts April 9th!


It’s the start of the best of the canning seasons!  


Fresh Strawberries now, soon followed by Vidalia Onions and Blueberries and Peaches and Plums…………….O My!  


Come join  us down at the beautiful Bosch Kitchen in Serenbe. Pick One Class or a whole Bunch – You’ll have good eating ahead!



Serenbe’s Bosch Experience Center in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia

Monthly from April through August, Saturdays at 11 am.

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From Jam to Pickles to Tomatoes, learn how easy it is to preserve seasonal foods in your own kitchen in this hands-on workshop


All jars, foods, recipes and instructions provided.


April 9:  Strawberry Jam & Dilly Beans


May 14:  Blueberry Butter & Vidalia Onion Relish


June 11:  Plum Butter & Pickled Cherry Tomatoes


July 9:  Red Tomato Jam & Green Tomato Chutney


August 13:  Gardineria & Bumbleberry Jam


Buy a class pack, choose topics, and save up to 25%:


Pick 1:  $ 45.00
Pick 2:    85.00
Pick 3:   120.00
Pick 4:   150.00
Pick 5:   175.00


Register by email or for more information:


New Year! New Classes! New Dates!

Aug. 5, 2012 Atlanta -- Lyn Deardorff prepares to put freshly-canned tomatoes in a boiling water bath in order to sterilize and seal the jars at her Atlanta home Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012. BITA HONARVAR / BHONARVAR@AJC.COM

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It may be cold outside but it’s warm in my kitchen.  Tom, my bread-baking husband, has been making up lots of breads.  Baguettes, Boules, whole wheat blends, foccacia.  And I’ve been making up lots of winter preserves  – and using in recipes for meals that need these helpful homemade goodies. I’m also drawing from my reserves of canning done over the last Summer & Fall.

You can too!  Get ready to preserve four seasons of fruits and veggies by learning how to do it now!   Check out our new schedule of classes.  And you may contact me directly for more information:  ciabatta-breadOur newest class BREAD & JAM is offered at Serenbe in February and March.  Learn an easy but amazingly tasty way to make bread by hand. Make up different styles such as baguettes, boules, ciabatta, even foccacia.  Use organic flour if you like, wheat combos – whatever works for you.  Tom and I partner up in this class, he sharing this versatile method.  And I will be teaching another Fruit Butter – Ginger Pear Butter. Great on your newly made baguette!  Classes are held at the stunning Bosch Experience Center Kitchen at beautiful Serenbe, about 30 minutes South of Atlanta.  More here:  Bread & Jam Workshop at Serenbe.  CanningClassOr perhaps you’re ready to capture the seasons in a jar.  Learn the basics of water bath canning in our CANNING IMMERSION WORKSHOP offered at Piedmont Park Community Center.  Discover how to do fruits, pickles and tomatoes – all in one workshop!  You’ll go home confident enough to do 1000’s of recipes on your own.  More here:  Canning Immersion Workshops.

Our SUMMER PRESERVING SERIES last year at Serenbe was a hit!  Five different classes each month learning and preparing two different seasonal products, a fruit and a veggie.  Join one class or more or the entire series!  More here:  Summer Preserving Series

Bread & Jam – Handmade Goodness!


Saturdays at Serenbe:  February 13 & March 12 — 11 am to 1:30 pm 

  $45.00 each, Register here:

Bread & Jam Workshop Oct15

Our first bread-making class had so much fun – and we filled the slots so fast – that we’re adding another!  See our first group (pictured here) with their batch of foccacia – all individualized to their own tastes!

This is what I label the “French Style”  (my own definition!) – meaning flaky, crunchy crusts along with a center texture that’s light and airy and not too dense.  Melt in your mouth goodness!


It’s hand-done (always – no bread machine here!) but no-knead and very low yeast.  Guess what?  No added sugar either – but tastes as sweet as if you did! It’s a classic method that is easy, guaranteed!

Some of you know my husband, Tom, has been a great bread baker for over 40 years.  He has changed, added, perfected his methods over the years – and what he’s doing now is the best ever. He’ll teach the break-making portion of the class, while I continue to teach the jam-making/canning fun.

focaccia2.JPGThe recipe allows you to make bread loaves, ciabatta, baguettes, boules, even foccacia.  You’ll learn how to mix and how much to let it rest.  Everything (always!) is hands-on in our classes.  Then you’ll shape into French Baguettes for this class – Bake it up and take it home.

You’ll also be taking home the first full batch you mix up which has been resting – and can bake it off at home as one of the above – boule anyone?  At the right is the boule made by friend, Karin, when taking Tom’s first “test” class.  Success! Boule (2)

Chemistry (but easy) lesson on what works in bread making – this is so simple and delicious, which is why it’s been very popular among seasoned bread makers.

We’ll also make up Ginger Pear Butter  (the Jam portion of the class) – how seasonal is that!  And so tasty on your newly-made baguette! Take home a jar of this jam, freshly made by you!

You’ll get  complete take-home instructions, recipes, and resources for both the bread and jam as well as some basic chemistry (but easy) for safe and sure break making and canning.

A Preservation Party in your own home!

DSCN1279Canning Parties have become immensely popular across the nation. A fun way to learn the basics of safe home canning while having a great time with your friends!

A fresh new idea for Birthdays and Family Celebrations,  Girlfriends Night Out, A Brides/Bridesmaids Party, a Family Reunion Time, an Office Team Building Event – you name it!  It’s a lot of fun while learning something new.

Requirements are simple: you provide the kitchen** and the friends — a minimum of six.  We’ll provide the food to be canned and all supplies along with complete recipes and jars of each product prepared. Completely hands-on and lots of fun!

Basic Pricing starts at $45 per person (depending on length and number of guests).  All supplies are included. Email Lyn at

** In some instances, we can provide a location with kitchen for you, depending on size of group, schedule and other needs.


Wineglass & Jelly 001 (2)Party Ideas:  Customized to your group, an event can be scheduled for for daytime or evenings, weekday or weekend.  You are invited to bring beverages to accompany the preserving menu selected.  We will provide samples, appetizers and/or snacks of the food we are preserving for your group to enjoy as we prepare the foods together.

The popular Canning Basics party preparing 3 kinds of products:  a fruit, a pickle, and a tomato product.  Full notebook with recipes and instructions, jars of each to take home, completely hands-one preparation, all food and supplies provided.

A Preserved Gifts Party:  Explore the wide range of gifting with preserved products such as wine jellies, preserved lemons, even food combinations such as baked goods with preserve jars;  how to package in unusual ways, along with inspirational ideas to label, wrap and decorate your jars.

Girlfriends Time Out – Or Men – or Mixed – or Family Reunion:  Is it a workshop?  Is it a party? Both!  Cooking and canning fun, preserved appetizers for tasting while we prepare and can foods you select.  Tomato Jam? Pepper Relish anyone?  Maybe boozy drink ideas?

New Baby Shower:  Canning  healthy simple foods for baby’s first bites is easy and so nutritional.  Party fun while we help Mom and guests learn great ideas and load her up with jars for her pantry.  

Team Building:  Here’s a fresh idea! And there’s nothing like pulling together to cut and prepare produce, stir the pot, fill the jars –learning something new – and everyone likes food!  Salsa that we prepare – and taste with our appetizers?  Or Apple Butter that we’ve loved since we were kids?  How about the Bread & Butter Pickles?

How can we help?  email or call 404-377-8010.


Next Canning Workshops: Preserving at Sweet Auburn Curb Market July 16, 23 & 30; Summer Preserving Series at Serenbe August 6; Then Canning Immersion Workshop at Piedmont Park on August 27th.
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