Lyn Deardorff

Preserving NOW is about a journey drawing from the PAST, bringing it into the PRESENT, looking to the FUTURE.  Yours and mine……

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Photo by Kyle Bidlack

It starts, for me, with a desire to continue to develop my creativity, my learning –  and sharing these joys with you.

And so if you think this site is primarily about CANNING and PRESERVING, it is.  Reliving and using my past experiences in over thirty years of stop and start canning… of remembering my earliest days with my Grandma in her basement helping to skim foam off the sauerkraut fermenting in large crocks, of my own early attempts at canning with produce from our first backyard garden……

And it also encompasses my journey over more than fifty years through TEXTILES: knitting, sewing, weaving, creating…of fond remembrances of my strong German father tenderly teaching me knitting when I was about 8 or 9, because he had suffered diphtheria as a young boy and was confined to home for more than a year and so he took up the most basic of “women’s crafts”…to today as I pursue all of these in what is usually a slow and stop-start time frame……

But it is also inclusive of capturing the NOW through methods that are current and safe, that encompass organic practices and resources, sustainability, buying local, simple living, green living, creativity, joy……

And it’s about learning more and sharing more.  Sometimes that means solitary cooking or sewing, or workshops and teaching, and sometimes just purely giving away – for the joy of it – what my hands have created.  And sometimes it’s about talking with you, friends, students, teachers, old timers, newcomers…..And as we continue, sharing the creativity, products, ideas of others on this website.

I hope we continue this journey together…always learning, sharing, creating, and of course…Smiling along the way


And Introducing:

Karin Kane

Karin Kane has always loved to cook ever since she opened her first Gourmet magazine in 1972. She chose the restaurant business and owned her own business from 1972 til 1999.

Currently she pursues a path that her mother and her grandmother considered to be a part of everyday life which is preserving “Natures Bounty”. There is nothing more fun than researching and producing product that is healthy and innovative for today’s pantry as Karin creates,  prepares and tests new recipes for our Preserving Now product offerings.

Melody Trivisone

Melody is an artist/photo stylist/and producer of all things creative.  She works on her art and creative projects from her small studio in Cabbagetown.  Melody’s areas of expertise lie with her passions for interior design, art projects, gardening, food and collecting the past.  She has worked with major magazines, retailers and specialty book publishers as a food and photo stylist.  Check out melody’s blog at http://www.mltstudiosandgallery.com/

Watch for recipes from Melody on our website, using our unique Preserving Now products.  Going beyond the predictable seems to be an effortless art for her.  We hope you’ll enjoy trying these out as much as we, her friends, do!


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